AERATORING BUBBLE UNIT The ORCA Bubbler is designed to turn any ORCA Cooler into an aerated live bait tank. The ORCA Bubbler moves water throughout the cooler at a gentle one Liter per minute to quietly aerate the cooler while keeping bait alive. Replace your normal drain plug with the Bubbler and enjoy lake days and ocean outings confident that your live bait will stay that way. DIRECTIONS: 1. Remove the existing ORCA Cooler drain plug. 2. Insert the ORCA Bubbler drain plug. 3. Attach diffuser to interior hose (interior hose is located in Bubbler drain plug). 4. Add two D pack batteries to ORA Bubbler pack. 5. Attach ORCA Bubbler pack to hose. 6. Add water to ORCA Cooler, turn on ORCA Bubbler, add live bait, and enjoy a great day of fishing.